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Cyber Security And Its Threat To Your Company

A report tabled by a leading Australian Audit company says most Australian corporations and companies approach to security is falling short in myriad areas. The poor and re-active cybersecurity risk management processes frequently reflect antiquated and naive security controls that have little or no ability to protect information, platforms or data.

The report also stated that when a security audit was conducted into leading Australian companies, it found that many of the controls spruiked to other clients were not implemented or absent, even though these controls were advertised as part of the company Cybersecurity measures.

Cybersecurity framework and controls are becoming the focus of internal reviews, insurance companies and hackers. Cybersecurity systems that are not fully implemented within the Risk Management framework are a liability to companies and need urgent review as cybercrime and the chaos of hacking becomes more widespread throughout Australian business both big and small. 

Frequently existing controls do not sufficiently mitigate the risks that are identified by Risk assessments and cybersecurity experts.

Cybersecurity threats are always evolving. That’s why it’s important to stay knowledgeable about what’s out there.

Protectcorp cybersecurity experts can make business and individuals aware of the risks and trends and help create and adjust cybersecurity strategies.

Frequently companies are running older operating systems and need to uplift older systems to new versions. Protectcorp can help point you in the right direction and help in safeguarding your livelihood from Cyber Security.

We do this by conducting risk assessments for critical assets not yet assessed assisting you in taking immediate action to address any concerns that are identified.

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