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Why Choose An Ethical Security Provider?

There is no mystery as to why a security company in Melbourne is currently being investigated for workplace breaches, illegal wage payments and the unethical behaviour of its staff. The management of the security company has allowed this culture to evolve whereby the client is seen as a cash cow to be ripped off.

The idea of a provision of a professional security service is almost an afterthought when companies like this are signing contracts. It's appalling. Even recently, when asked to supply rates to a large and “reputable” security company the idea of Protectcorp paying Security Industry Awards rates of pay was scoffed at. 

Clearly organic regulation by the states and personal ethics are not enough to regulate companies such as this. They are unlawful in their operations and have been allowed to develop these cultures in an industry that dives for the bottom in costings and behaviours.

I worked offshore in my initial security career, I assumed the men and woman I worked alongside in PNG and the UAE, were the standard in this industry. I had the pleasure of working alongside a range of diverse people and experiences. Former elite defence force personnel, former police with tactical skills and former police negotiators. Corrections officers and international security experts. Even qualified lawyers working in behavioural management roles as security guards. The governance I was privy to within these operations was excellent and there was a constant effort to raise the bar as we felt valued, appreciated, and acknowledged for the skills we brought to the operations. 

Returning to Australia and coordinating the Commonwealth Games Host City Security I discovered that the gap between ethical and non-ethical companies was vast.

Companies were able to get away with operating unprofessionally, unlawfully, and disinterestedly. So much so that I created a liaison with the Protectcorp guards as I was able to see the difference in presentation, customer service and performance. With this team of predominantly Protectcorp staff, we delivered day in day out throughout the games to provide safety and security to over 400 dignitary movements, 73 events including a 25 thousand person public event an ensuring the City of Gold Coast security operation, delivered a no incident no loss of assets games operation.

Working with the Protectcorp staff gave me confidence in the Australian Security Industry. I was impressed with their self-agency, ethics, professional performance, and drive to deliver to our clients.

Six months later, thanks to Alex Sipala, our CEO, I was able to begin as the General Manager of Protectcorp, leading the very people who had gone over and above for the City of Gold Coast, whilst surrounded by disinterest and poor performance from other providers.

Protectcorp is a point of difference in the security industry. We're not the only company that delivers ethically, as there are many. But there are too many companies out there who are prepared to take your money and not maintain the semblance of contractual compliance. 

Protectcorp for starters is Australian owned and operated. We use all Australian providers and do everything we can to support our business partners with our patronage and referrals.

We do not use subcontract labour and we manage our own human resources. Protectcorp pays statutory rates of pay subject to the security industry award in each state. We do not use EBA’s that or expired EBA’s that are currently used by other trading security companies. 

Our mission is to deliver security services to an international standard on behalf of our customers by adopting best practice leadership and management practices and employing personnel who are driven to achieve the highest standards. Our clients are always our biggest supporters and their testimonials speak for themselves. 

When looking for a security company there is always a lot to consider. If you are looking for competitiveness, accountability, professionalism, safety, integrity and directly managed staff of the highest quality, you need to look no further than Protectcorp. 



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