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Perception is our ability to understand something to be different from that which it appears to be through our physical senses.  It’s our perspective, our point of view…it’s the way we explain things to ourselves.  

Wayne Dyer said something very clever about perception, he said, “when we begin to change the way we look at things, the things we look at begin to change”.  

Information comes in through our senses and influences our thinking but as that information comes in it’s not good, it’s not bad… it just IS.

Relatively speaking nothing is either good or bad, large or small, positive or negative until we relate it to something else and, the process of relating it to something else takes place in our minds, not out there.    

When we look at the picture in this link what do you see?  A couple caught in a jar, 9 dolphins, an old lady or another figure?

There are many things going on in the world right now which we cannot control, we may influence the event to one degree or another but we cannot control it.  We can’t control the economy, virus, the heat of the sun, cold of winter the devastation of cyclonic winds.  All of these things are beyond our complete control.  The ONLY thing we have complete control over though comes from our own mind that is, our thoughts, our actions and our representational picture.  

We can always choose how we respond to any circumstance, we can always choose our behaviour even in the most challenging situations.  And choosing the most appropriate way to act, by regaining conscious control over how we respond to the events of our life we will move closer towards our goals.

Things happen to all of us, that’s life and consciously or unconsciously we decide the significance of those events.  We determine their importance and we do it through our perceptions.  We chose the importance of the circumstance based upon the value we place on it and this value comes from how we perceive it.  So why is the way we look at things so important?  Well, the way we look at things changes the images we have in our mind and these images have the potential to release a huge amount of energy which can drive our actions and through our actions, that energy we give brings about the results we will experience.

It’s our interpretations that we often mistake for the reality of the world and the world can actually be very different from our perceptions.

If we change the way we look at something, what we see will change.  There’s an old saying which says, “if the only tool you have on your tool belt is a hammer, then everything you will see looks like a nail”.  Our perspective of life really controls how we see things.  

By the way, the picture depicts 9 Dolphins, here they are just in case you missed them.

Alex Sipala is an avid learner, trusted mentor and celebrated business Coach who walks the walk.  Alex mentors and empowers thousands of business leaders and achievers globally.   His mission is too “Positively Influence the influencers” and assist business leaders and high achievers make a positive impact.    Alex is happily married to his wife Jacqueline and he is a proud father of six children.


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